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Monetise free parking space in your residential society, Monetise your office parking space while you provide convenience to your employees

Why choose us

Choosing our EV charger company means selecting a reliable partner that prioritizes quality, innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.

Expertise and Experience

We have a team of skilled professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in the field of electric vehicle charging solutions.

Wide Range Of Products

We offer wide range of EV CHARGERS at affordable price, which are suitable for all types of Electric Vehicle [EV].

High-Quality Products

Our commitment to delivering high-quality products ensures that our EV chargers are built to last ,ensure the safety.

Fast Charging Capabilities

Our fast-charging solutions reduce charging times significantly, allowing users to get back on the road quickly.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We are committed to sustainability, and our EV chargers are designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce the overall carbon footprint

Excellent Customer Support

Our dedicated team is available to assist customers with any queries, technical issues, or installation needs.

3.3 kW Smart Socket Charger.

SIM based, IOT and bluetooth enabled smart charger. Has a 3 Pin 16A Socket Charger with internet connectivity, segmented interactive display and an all new cable lock system.

Best Suited For :

Personal Parking, Fleets, Shops, Kirana Stores, Malls, Offices to Charge 2, 3 and 4 Wheeler.

22 kW Smart Socket Charger.

Compact, stylish charger for the modern Culture

All the features you need to charge your EV, with nothing you don’t need.

Best Suited For :

Apartment Complex | Hotels | Offices | Private Homes | Kirana Stores | Restaurants | Hospitals | Malls | Railway Stations to Charge 4 Wheeler.

240 kW DC Charger.

Multi-standard DC charger for a wide range of EVs. Modular stand-alone DC charger offering high-power charging for multiple EV types such as Cars, SUV, Trucks & Buses.

Best Suited For :

Large Commercial Spaces | Fleet Vehicles | Petrol Pumps | EV Charging Station

Based on 500+ reviews
"I love my EV charger from this company! It's efficient, easy to use, and charges my car quickly. The customer service was exceptional too. Highly recommended"
vishal pandey
"Great purchase! The EV charger is sleek and durable, perfect for my home charging needs. Fast delivery and installation support made the process hassle-free"
adarsh giri
"Top-notch EV charging solution! The charger integrates well with my smart home setup, and the build quality is impressive. A must-have for electric car owners."
vivek mishra
"Five stars for this company's EV charger! It's reliable and user-friendly, plus the eco-friendly features align perfectly with my sustainable lifestyle. Thrilled with my purchase"
mayur mankar
"Absolute professional work, Complete installation, and proper setup at the best quality. Thanks to TP Galaxy"
Dinkar Sharma
"The turning point of my life , they provide high quality EV charger , I started my business with the help of them , their support team is very supportive and help me to grow."
pranit mehra
"Great teams to work with, complete satisfaction with the performance of the EV Charger, and happy to be a part of a clean environment. Thanks TP Galaxy".
Dipak Kale
"The installation process was indeed very good. I’ve been impressed with TP Galaxy performance throughout, and the people working for them did these jobs brilliantly."
Satish Dubey
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