3.3 kW Smart Socket Charger.

SIM based, IOT and bluetooth enabled smart charger. Has a 3 Pin 16A Socket Charger with internet connectivity, segmented interactive display and an all new cable lock system.

Best Suited For :

Personal Parking, Fleets, Shops, Kirana Stores, Malls, Offices to Charge 2, 3 and 4 Wheeler.

22 kW Smart Socket Charger.

Compact, stylish charger for the modern Culture

All the features you need to charge your EV, with nothing you don’t need.

Best Suited For :

Apartment Complex | Hotels | Offices | Private Homes | Kirana Stores | Restaurants | Hospitals | Malls | Railway Stations to Charge 4 Wheeler.

240 kW DC Charger.

Multi-standard DC charger for a wide range of EVs. Modular stand-alone DC charger offering high-power charging for multiple EV types such as Cars, SUV, Trucks & Buses.

Best Suited For :

Large Commercial Spaces | Fleet Vehicles | Petrol Pumps | EV Charging Station

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